Mcam Menu Basic InfoMastercam PicturesMastercam UpdatesMastercam Help     Mastercam is our currently offered CAD/CAM package.  Mastercam is a powerfull software package that can be used for part design, toolpath creation, blueprinting, and part analysis.  It gives you the ability to simulate your program before running it on the machine.  With this feature you can check for problems without having to scrap pieces in the process.  It gives you control of every aspect of your toolpath, including speeds, depth of cuts, and the behavior of the tool itselft. 

    Mastercam also allows you to establish your tool library, which you can setup to correspond with the tool library on your control.  Enabling you to set offsets, cutter sizes, spindle speeds, and feedrates for each tool.  This is also helpful in achieving a realistic simulation of your program. 

    With Mastercam you also have the ability to analyze dimensions and sizes or your part that would be difficult or impossible to reach with standard measurment tools.  You can also use the analyze tools to assist in solving geometry equations without having to know the math formulas.  This can be very helpful when working with angles and circular geometry.

    Mastercam includes many toolpath types for a range of 5 and 4 axis operations, as well as basic 2D 3 axis toolpaths.  Including contouring, drilling, pocketing, facing, and engraving.  Each of which includes features for axis limit control, cutter compensation, tool entry and exit, and many methods for directing the tool.  The toolpath tree (4th picture to the right) is a great way to keep your toolpaths organized.  Also giving you the ability to select which operations you wish to post in your program.

    Mastercam also includes an array of surfacing and solid modeling tools.  Along with easy to use geometry creation tools, such as splines, you can create virtually any shapes and features that you need.  These tools are also helpful in manipulating imported data from laser scans and probing.  Mastercam also gives you the ability to take an imported surface and place control splines onto it.  This gives you the ability to make any changes or touch-ups that you may need to do.  Then applying the proper toolpath to replicate your original part or feature.

    Included with your machine and Mastercam purchase, you will recieve the machine definition and post processor files that correspond to your specific machine/control configuration.  These files are what takes your Mastercam toolpath and translates it into G-Code that is readable by the control.

    These features and more are included in start-up and training.  From using the software, creating simple parts, applying toolpaths, and posting the final G-Code.
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